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How will OC Transpo keep you safe?

Media Date: 21/08/2013
Type of Media: Radio
Name of Media: CBC All in a Day

Interviewer: Alan Neal

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Director of Hollaback! Ottawa

Article Information

Background OC Transpo announced new safety measures today. Alan Neal gets the details from Councillor Diane Deans and a response from Ottawa Hollaback's Julie Lalonde.
Reason I'd spoken on Alan's show before about Hollaback! Ottawa's work and so it was an opportunity to give an update.
Comment It was really interesting to hear Councillor Deans speak then given the space to respond then having the floor be hers again. You can hear the tension of our relationship in this interview.
Outcome We really appreciated having the opportunity to be included in the discussion.
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Keywords: Hollaback! Ottawa, street harassment, sexual assault, OC Transpo