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MP Mark Warawa hopes to address gendercide, as capital prepares for anti-abortion rally

Media Date: 09/05/2013
Type of Media: internet
Name of Media: Global Media

Interviewer: Tyler Dawson

Interviewee: Julie S. Lalonde Role: Spokesperson for Radical Handmaids

Article Information

Background The annual anti-choice March For Life came to Ottawa
Reason I was interviewed in my role as spokesperson for Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and The Radical Handmaids.
Comment I spoke about the hypocrisy of conservatives pushing for an end to sex-selective abortion, considering their poor record of addressing womyn's equality.
Outcome There's video footage of an anti-choicer man dancing to Macho Men.

There's also a video interview of me dressed in Radical Handmaids garb and I look less ridiculous than he does.

Oh, the power of satire.

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Keywords: Radical Handmaids, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, abortion, anti-choice, pro-choice, protest